Tools for Community-led Economies


The problem

In our global financial system, "normal" money (such as New Zealand Dollars) is created as interest-bearing debt. This exacerbates inequality, weakens community ties, and destroys the planet.



TimeBank members earn hours of credits by providing services and spend credits by receiving help from others.



Local Exchange Trading Systems are membership-based mutual credit system, where trades are made using points rather than money.


Local money

Local money--also known as local currency or complementary currency--is a way to promote local trade through a non-dollar alternative.


Savings pools

Also known as the genuine wealth system, savings pools are informal private groups where members support each other through interest-free savings and loans.



Co-operatives are businesses that are owned and run by and for members, using democratic processes to give all members a say.


Social enterprise

Social enterprises use a commercial model for the primary purpose of having a positive social and/or environmental impact.

Living Economies Educational Trust (LE) promotes exchange systems and investment models that build community strength and well-being, offer interest-free alternatives to 'business as usual', and respect both people and our living planet. Our network of volunteers can recommend resources and provide educational support for community initiatives. LE (CC 38114) is a registered educational charity, and we do not provide financial or legal advice.

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